Founded on the demands of the Canadian Marketplace, Worth Recruiting is the ONLY Search and Selection Firm in Canada whose sole focus is the financial services industry. We understand that from a recruitment standpoint, this sector is a highly complex one. It consists of a combination of, not just human talent, but also a maze of continuing education, licensing, and regulatory bodies that are in a constant state of flux.

Worth Recruiting's aggressive and highly precise method ensures we match the right candidate to the right job, every time. Our knowledge of this dynamic sector and our exclusive list of blue-chip clients we can zero-in on the best candidates quickly and efficiently, thereby acquiring the best talent on your behalf in the following financial services areas:

Asset Management Capital Markets Commodities
Compliance/Legal Administration Derivatives
Equities Business Analysis Investment Banking
Operations Wealth Management Project Management
Research Mining/Energy Trading
Executive Search


When working with Worth Recruiting you can expect a clearly outlined, professional experience from candidate specification to final placement. Here is what you can expect when working with Worth Recruiting:

Candidate Specification -
We listen to your needs and work with you to define the role.

Research -
Once we have drawn up our candidate specification we then begin researching the market. In a market as small as the Financial Services sector we may only be looking to identify a very small group of talented people. We leave no stone unturned. The people we identify will be the best in their market place and many will not have been considering changing roles or are happy with their role.

Contact and Convince -
Our team of specialists then begin the process of contacting potential candidates. Our job is to highlight the challenges and benefits of considering a new role; this may be a salary increase but for the senior staff we approach the prospect of new challenges and roles may be the deciding factor. Our researchers then identify all those people who are suitable for closer contact.

Interview –
We eliminate down to 8 potential candidates who would be interviewed by one of our consultants. This process would lead to further shortlisting who would be introduced to the client for interview and assessment. In some niche roles there may only be 2-3 people suitable for interview.