Worth Recruiting was founded based on the demands of the Canadian Financial Services Marketplace. We understand that from a recruitment standpoint, this sector is a highly complex one. It consists of a combination of, not just human talent, but also a maze of continuing education, licensing, and regulatory bodies that are in a constant state of flux. We make it our business to be knowledgeable in all of these areas so that we can zero-in on the best candidates quickly and efficiently, thereby acquiring the best talent on your behalf in the following areas:

Asset Management Capital Markets Commodities
Compliance/Legal Administration Derivatives
Equities Business Analysis Investment Banking
Operations Wealth Management Project Management
Research Mining/Energy Trading
Executive Search


We are tenacious, resourceful, and highly competitive. We understand the sense of urgency that drives the markets and we thrive in these meritocracies. We have based our business model on that of one similar to brokerage firms and investment banks. We welcome challenge and are driven to succeed for our clients.

Worth Recruiting is the ONLY Search and Selection Firm in Canada whose sole focus is the financial services industry. Don't waste time calling other generic firms whose one-size-fits all philosophy will not retain the exceptional talent your firm needs to be a leader in this growing industry.