The Dangers of Skimming and Pressing Send

Are you a skimmer? Are you one of those individuals that quickly skims over emails? Do you respond immediately, just so you can hit file or delete without thinking about your response? I get some pretty bizarre responses to pretty basic requests. When you are seeking a job, your responses to emails are being evaluated. Don’t think that because you are corresponding with a “recruiter” that we are uneducated dolts who are only interested in closing the deal. I have a College Diploma in Business Communications and a BA in History. I spent many hours reading boring text books and writing essays for the privilege of saying that. When my clients want “excellent communication skills”, I am constantly evaluating what I am sent in emails. That’s part of my job; ongoing assessment.
For example, I sent off an invite for an interview to a candidate, and they immediately replied back and asked what industry the client was in? The name of the company was clearly indicated in the email I had sent, along with the address and contact name for the interview. It would have taken literally seconds to google the company name! Read carefully, respond after thinking, and proof read before you press send.