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6 Ways to Evaluate Candidates Beyond the Resume

Resumes and applications may still be a requirement for your hiring process, but you’ve probably experienced firsthand that candidates can come across extremely well in an interview, but what’s on paper doesn’t match. Or worse -- the opposite -- you hire an applicant who claimed to have relevant experience only to find out it wasn’t…
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The Dangers of Skimming and Pressing Send

Are you a skimmer? Are you one of those individuals that quickly skims over emails? Do you respond immediately, just so you can hit file or delete without thinking about your response? I get some pretty bizarre responses to pretty basic requests. When you are seeking a job, your responses to emails are being evaluated.…
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So you think you’re a Recruiter?

Why do so many people think they can hang out a shingle proclaiming they are a “professional” recruiter? Here’s my take on this! Most people have no idea how much work goes into a professional search. There are many moving pieces, expenses, compliance and legal issues and relationships to stay on top of. We have…
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