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6 Ways to Evaluate Candidates Beyond the Resume

Resumes and applications may still be a requirement for your hiring process, but you’ve probably experienced firsthand that candidates can come across extremely well in an interview, but what’s on paper doesn’t match. Or worse -- the opposite -- you hire an applicant who claimed to have relevant experience only to find out it wasn’t…
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How to Attract and Retain Millennial Employees

Millennials now represent the largest generation of population in Canada. This means that today’s workforce is primarily comprised of Millennials. While society is often quick to label this group with negative attributes (like being demanding and needy), it’s not fair to stereotype the entire generation. In reality, they’re really not that different from other generations,…
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How to Build an Attractive Employer Brand

Just like your sales team emphasizes the company’s unique selling propositions (USP) to potential customers, your employer brand works the same way to attract the best candidates. Top job candidates with experience and a strong skill set know that they’re in demand. They may be shopping for a new position, but are no longer solely…
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The True Costs of a Bad Hire & How to Avoid Them

The thought of hiring a new employee can be stressful. Not only is advertising, searching for, interviewing, and onboarding new employees a major consumption of time, it can be expensive to the company. In order to maximize efficiency, you want to recruit the best possible candidate but may also be strapped for time. So, do…
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