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How to Build an Attractive Employer Brand

Just like your sales team emphasizes the company’s unique selling propositions (USP) to potential customers, your employer brand works the same way to attract the best candidates. Top job candidates with experience and a strong skill set know that they’re in demand. They may be shopping for a new position, but are no longer solely…
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The True Costs of a Bad Hire & How to Avoid Them

The thought of hiring a new employee can be stressful. Not only is advertising, searching for, interviewing, and onboarding new employees a major consumption of time, it can be expensive to the company. In order to maximize efficiency, you want to recruit the best possible candidate but may also be strapped for time. So, do…
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The Dangers of Skimming and Pressing Send

Are you a skimmer? Are you one of those individuals that quickly skims over emails? Do you respond immediately, just so you can hit file or delete without thinking about your response? I get some pretty bizarre responses to pretty basic requests. When you are seeking a job, your responses to emails are being evaluated.…
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Why does everyone have to be a Leader?

Why are there so many articles about becoming a leader? What does being a “leader” mean exactly? According to LinkedIn and the many articles by people who consider themselves leaders, it can mean any number of things. It can mean you are wealthy, philanthropic, a keynote speaker, an executive, a peddler of untruths, a peddler…
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