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Employment Recruiting

Worth Recruiting was founded based on the demands of the Canadian Financial Services Marketplace. We understand that from a recruitment standpoint, this sector is a highly complex one. It consists of a combination of, not just human talent, but also a maze of continuing education, licensing, and regulatory bodies that are in a constant state of flux. We make it our business to be knowledgeable in all of these areas so that we can zero-in on the best candidates quickly and efficiently, thereby acquiring the best talent on your behalf.




"We built a reputation for understanding our clients’ needs and applying proprietary processes to identify, evaluate and consistently deliver top talent.
Unique to many of our competitors, we are highly effective at retained executive search and equally suited to deliver high-performing professional staff to middle management through our contingency search practice. Our Search professionals bring real-world experience in the fields for which they recruit and an average of 14 years of specialized recruiting expertise."

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